Be as genre specific as you like with your 123 movies choices

In fact, if you are a serious-minded and discerning movie and TV series fan, you will be doing this already. But for those still relatively new to the excitement and convenience of downloading or streaming their own movies or TV shows of choice, this is a useful tip to take home. By creating as much variety with abc and 123movies choices as possible, week to week life will never be dull and boring and frustrating and stay fresh throughout the year.

By downloading and streamlining all your personal favorites, old and new, from the reasonably good list of genre-specific catalogues at your disposal, you are likely to be kept busy, not just all year round, but for years. That’s because there are hundreds of movies and TV shows from across the genres and through the years to choose from. It does not take much creative imagination to organize your weekly HD screen watching schedule.

But for those who are still quite new to the idea of adding more variety to their weekly movie and TV watching schedule, here is a simple scheduling idea. Let’s assume that you are quite busy, as you should be, and have only time for one show a night. Mondays can be for a little serious-minded escapism to help you forget about the good weekend and prepare yourself for the rest of the working week. Tuesdays, you can be still more serious by watching an enigmatic or inspirational historical or period drama or documentary.


Wednesdays are for the family Thursdays is for comedy and romance while Fridays can be for nostalgic westerns or startling science fiction. You can take the last day of the week for horror or zombies if you prefer.