On the academic level, do you honestly think you can beat turnitin?

beat turnitin

This is a short and special note of warning to all new college students. Consider yourself privileged, or blessed, call it what you will. Just remember, it’s still true today that not many guys and girls make it this far. And, you know what; it’s not even their fault. Socio-economic factors count against them and there’s many out there that can’t even speak the language used in colleges’ main medium of instruction; English.

You thought you were cool at high school when you could duck and dive in and out of class. You thought you were quite clever when you beat turnitin. You looked at your class teacher and thought, well, he missed it again. You know, it’s sad to be saying this, but many teachers have simply given up. Yes, it’s hard for them too, but shame on them as well. They should have beat you with a stick, figuratively speaking.

And bravo to those teachers that marked you with a C. Ever wonder why you only got a C? Ever think for a moment that that dedicated teacher knew you were cutting corners with your assignment work but thought you were bright enough to at least get that C. Instead of failing you outright (as he should have) he decided to give you another chance. It’s tricky, but let’s hope you’re learning your life lessons fast. Don’t go there.

Don’t cheat on your first college paper. Yes, you can use turnitin, but use it like a true academic. Use it as a checking tool to make sure that you haven’t accidentally lifted any words and phrases that are the property of scholars who put long years of work into producing those texts that you’ve started working your way through.