Fruity flavors or chocolate decadence in your e juice, the choice is yours

Does this short, informational article really need to be as motivational as possible to encourage all regular smokers to stop smoking poisonous tobacco and make the switch to e-smoking as soon as possible? It should not be difficult to encourage smokers to make the switch from tobacco to e juice, given what the electronic cigarette or pipe products already have to say to consumers. It could, therefore, be stated that the products should speak for it selves.

And boy does it speak volumes. Gone will be the bitter days. There will no longer need to be a need to rely on the extremely galling taste of commercial tobacco. Among some smokers, strong flavors such as menthol have caused them to become sick. This is so ironic when you consider that there has been many a smoker who has taken to menthol during a bout of bad flu and in order to persist with their smoking addiction.

Or is it rather their addiction to excessive amounts of nicotine. By the way, far less nicotine is included in the e juice solutions. And far more flavor is included. At the time of writing this article, it was said that there are now thousands of flavors on the e cigarette market now. It might be difficult for new converts to make a choice. Then again, when starting out with e-smoking for the first time, it is recommended that a selection of flavors be included.

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This allows the new e-smoker to test different flavors and find one or two – or three or four, why be boring, why not go for more – while adjusting the mind and body to the relatively new esthetic experience of smoking.